La Francophonie

Perhaps you like French food and culture or you are also learning the French language! Maybe you even go on holidays in France! 

Not only in France!

Did you know French is the official language in more than 25 countries?

Imagine all the possibilities you have using this language!

Whatever the reason you are learning French, it was a very good choice!

One institution gathers 88 member countries and promotes this language internationally:

The Organisation Internationale of La Francophonie (OIF: International Organisation of La Francophonie). 

The institution helps:

The Francophonie also refers to all the men and women who share a common language: French. We estimate over 300 million French speakers across five continents! 

For example, French is also spoken in the Caribbean islands of Guadeloupe and Martinique, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Belgium, in many African countries, in Canada, and as far as French Polynesia in the Tahiti & BoraBora islands!

The term Francophonie or Francophone space, refers to all the people and institutions that use French, whether as a mother tongue (first language learned by a child), a language of use (standard, used in everyday life), an administrative language, a language of instruction or an official language (used in public life, at every moment of life and in every field). 

A Francophone is therefore any person or institution that uses French, either partially or predominantly.There are more than 300 million Francophones in the world, of whom about 240 million use it daily. French has become a world language. These figures show the extent of the French language on the five continents. 

A family of French speakers around the world ! 

Some numbers (according to the latest report from the Observatoire de la langue française*) :

* published on the official OIF’s website

If you are learning French, you can feel lucky to be part of this great community sharing such a rich language!

There are so many new expressions existing thanks to this community. Here are some of these: 


the Dictionary of the Francophones.

Hence, a new online dictionary has been created : DDF.

The aim of the DDF is to describe in a single resource all the words of French, regardless of the region or language register in which they are used, in order to provide access to an instantaneous, constantly updated image of French in the world. 

The aim is not to prescribe a correct French that should be used rather than another, i.e. a language standard, but to give the most accurate account possible of usage to enable users to choose the expression best suited to the situation.

The Dictionnaire des francophones is an open digital collaborative dictionary that aims to reflect the richness of French spoken in the French-speaking world. Take a look!

>> the Dictionary of the Francophones.

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