1. How satisfied are our students with the services that AF Milton Keynes provides?

90.7% are very satisfied and the rest is satisfied!

“I think you are doing excellent work to provide a range of experiences to enhance the lesson experience.”

“Hugely impressed. The technology works well and the teachers are superb.”

“Having a native speaker is important to me.”

“AFMK is professional and supportive. This year they have offered many different opportunities to aid language skills and develop understanding of French culture.”

The additional sessions on different topics – Speak dating, Marseilles, film and the book club- have been “really good.”

2. How satisfied have the students been with the content and teaching of their class?

83.7% are very satisfied

“Friendly atmosphere and interesting topics.”

“Our teacher is always very well prepared.”

“The content has been varied, a selection of serious and lighter topics that allows everyone to participate. The teaching is excellent.”

“My classes are very enjoyable. the lessons are well organised and we learn at a suitable pace. Working from the module book, the cahier of activities and the module exercises provides adequate variety.”

“Courses are well taught by native speakers. AFMK offer flexibility to switch classes to meet your needs and ability.”

3. How satisfied are the students with their overall experience at the AFMK?

88% are very sastified

“I am thankful to all the AFMK team for making it possible to continue French lessons on Zoom during the pandemic. I also understand it is difficult to return to onsite classes for some people. However, I hope there can be some compromise as I would prefer to meet in person.” We are working on it.

“I have enjoyed learning with AFMK for 15 years and hope to carry on [Zoom depending]. Many thanks to everyone!”

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